*seattle* rainbow invoice payment

$ 27.50

Seattle. Where it rains, and no one carries an umbrella. There is a whole wall covered in gum, a troll that lives under a bridge and fish that fly through the air. Ferry boats are taxis over the Sound and the smell of coffee is always in the air. The Seattle skyline is always welcoming, even through the gray of the fog.This design was created in collaboration with the Seattle babywearers!

*seattle* rainbow will be woven in 100% cotton. This woven wrap will be perfect for both newborns and toddlers alike. 100% cotton has lots of support while remaining, once broken in, soft and cuddly.

In order to secure your order a non refundable deposit is due upon ordering as listed below. You will receive an invoice for the remaining total amount due once this product is on the loom.

It is important to note that all digital mock ups of buckle carriers, blankets, and bags are just that. We cannot guarantee placement of design on any of these options. Please know that we will work directly with Natibaby to ensure the best placements possible.

Hand bag dimensions - 11.81 inches tall by 17.71 inches wide at the widest point.
Baby Blanket dimensions - 27.5" x 39.4"
Buckle Carrier infant - panel size is approximately 16.29"x15.35" with a maximum of 59" on waist.
Buckle Carrier toddler - panel size is approximately 21.26"x 21.26" with a maximum of 59" on waist.


non-refundable deposit

total price

Small Ring Sling $55.00 $110.00
Medium Ring Sling $57.50 $115.00
Large Ring Sling $60.00 $120.00
Size 4 (3.6m) $65.00 $130.00
Size 5 (4.2m) $70.00 $140.00
Size 6 (4.6m) $75.00 $150.00
Size 7 (5.2m) $80.00


Handbag $27.50 $55.00
Baby Blanket $32.50 $65.00
Buckle Carrier - Infant $74.50 $149.00
Buckle Carrier - Toddler $74.50 $149.00


*seattle* rainbow has been woven. This payment is for second half due on previous order.

* All US shipments are charged based on number of items sold. Shipping charges start at $9.99. If additional shipping fees are added due to quantity purchased an invoice and an email will be sent to customer. All international orders are shipped at the flat rate of $30.00 US per item if order is placed before the pre-order closes. All international shipments will be charged a flat shipping fee of $40.00 US per item if the order is placed after the pre-order closes. Final invoices will be sent once the weaving has been completed.

** Please note that the digital mockup is an approximation of what the woven wrap will look like. Exact shades of colors cannot be guaranteed. While we always strive to give you the best visual of what your wrap will look like, it is impossible to match a digital rendering to fabric that has not yet been woven. Please contact us should you have any questions.