san francisco *bay bridge*

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"I still remember the day I first drove over this beautiful piece of art. It was awe inspiring, and a little overwhelming, to take in the vastness of the Bay Bridge and the beauty of the skyline. What an incredible moment that was as I tried to take all of the wonder in. It was almost impossible to do so! My hope is that this wrap captures at least a little of the awe one feels when they first enter San Francisco from the East Bay." - Jenifer, OFGMM 

This wrap was designed for the families of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Babywearing International. 10% of the profits will be donated to Babywearing International of the Bay Area, Inc. to add to their library and fund their babywearing education, support, and advocacy programs. When you buy this wrap you are helping parents and caregivers find lifelong friendships and learn to carry their babies comfortably and hands free!

 "San-Francisco-Bay Bridge" was woven on a cotton/hemp blend with a white warp and black weft. 

** Please note that the digital mockup is an approximation of what the woven wrap will look like. Exact shades of colors cannot be guaranteed. While we always strive to give you the best visual of what your wrap will look like, it is impossible to match a digital rendering to fabric that has not yet been woven. Weaving dates are simply estimates and subject to change. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.