*dallas* rainbow #1

$ 70.00

Welcome to Dallas, TX! This internationally known skyline can now be seen anywhere around the world when you wear this wrap. Beautiful and detailed, Dallas is a wonderfully designed wrap. We worked hard to catch all of the small details - from the lights on particular buildings all the way to the Pegasus.

Dallas is 100% cotton and you have two rainbows to choose from! This listing is for Rainbow #1. If you wish to purchase Rainbow #2 please go HERE.

Wrap will be on the loom within 1-2 days so get your orders in now! All wraps will be shipped to customers as soon as they are received by OFG|MM.


** Please note that the digital mockup is an approximation of what the woven wrap will look like. Exact shades of colors cannot be guaranteed. While we always strive to give you the best visual of what your wrap will look like, it is impossible to match a digital rendering to fabric that has not yet been woven. Please contact us should you have any questions.  All international shipments will be charged a flat fee of $20.00 for shipping costs.