*britt's butterflies*

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This wrap is in memory of an amazing mother and friend who, despite all the reasons she could have chosen to be otherwise, was a bright light among the people who loved her both near and far. Her rough upbringing in the foster care system made her driven to be the most loving and peaceful mother she could possibly be.

Brittney loved her children and would do anything to give them the best life she possibly could and this eventually lead her to a domestic violence shelter with her children. Shortly after, she had a job and a new home with her children. This wrap is in memory of a bright light too soon extinguished.

This wrap is an image of a very special tattoo that Brittney got earlier this year. She wanted to remember how far she had come. The flowers represent Brittney's children and the vines followed along her veins as a representation of her lifeline to them. The semi colon and butterfly was a reminder to Brittney of The Butterfly Project of which she was particularly fond. 

*britt's butterflies* will be woven on purple warp with black weft in 100% cotton. 100% of the profits will go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  

Please see chart for pricing information. You will be invoiced for the second half of your order once weaving has been completed. We expect weaving to take place by early May. This pre-order will be open until 4/29 or until we provide a list to Natibaby. 

* Please note that the digital mockup is an approximation of what the woven wrap will look like. Exact shades of colors cannot be guaranteed. While we always strive to give you the best visual of what your wrap will look like, it is impossible to match a digital rendering to fabric that has not yet been woven. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

***britt's butterflies* will be woven iMay. This pre-order will be open approximately until April 29th, 2016. These dates are simply estimates and can change based on scheduling at the mill. All international orders are shipped at the flat rate of $20.00 US if order is placed before the pre-order closes. All international shipments will be charged a flat shipping fee of $30.00 US if the order is placed after the pre-order closes. Final invoices will be sent once the weaving has been completed.

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