Common Weaving Imperfections

OFGMM works hard to ensure that your wrap comes to you in excellent shape. We do not promise perfection and it is our hope that this page will explain what normal imperfections look like on a woven wrap. 

These normal imperfections are as follows. 

Pulled thread - this is exactly what the name implies. A piece of thread is "pulled" from the weave. It usually sticks out from the material and can vary in degree from a very tiny pull to a larger pull. Oftentimes this happens during the weaving process although it can also happen during use. This is a very simply repair. Unless a wrap has multiple pulled threads in a small location this is not considered a seconds quality wrap and will be sold as a first quality. 

Broken thread - this happen when a thread is pulled and then it snaps. Oftentimes this happens during the weaving process. 

Thread shifting - this happens when the threads actually shift creating gaps in the weave. This needs to be repaired immediately or it can cause issues (like holes in the wrap) later on down the road. Repair is very simple. 

Nubs and slubs - these can be seen in any blend but are especially prevalent in hemp and linen blends. These appear as small tufts of fabric or bumps in the wrap. These can also appear as harmless thickenings in the fabric. 

OFGMM will not send replacement wraps if a wrap has any of the above imperfections. Other options may be available depending on the exact issue but it is in your best interest to fix any one of these. If you desire a replacement, and if one is available, you will be asked to pay all shipping costs to and from OFGMM. As always, your wrap must be in new condition with all original tags, and unwashed in order to be returned.